Angel Donor Campaign, through December 31, 2017


Able to give more? Become an Angel Donor! By making a one-time donation between $1,000-$25,000, you can provide transitional support at a crucial time in GCHA’s development. Help us raise $100,000 by December 31, 2017.

Consider becoming an “angel donor” to support health sector advocacy to push for action on climate change. GCHA is looking for private donors to provide transitional support at a critical time in the organization’s development.

Founded by several of its member organizations in 2011, the GCHA serves as the “glue” linking national, regional and international health organizations working on climate change, to strengthen work in their own countries and regions; to engage health professionals from new, climate-strategic geographies; and to push for attention on climate and health in global settings such as with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations. Some of our accomplishments include:

● GCHA partnered with WHO to convene the first Global Climate and Health Summit in parallel with the UNFCCC’s COP17 in Durban, hosting summits subsequent COPs, including COP21 in Paris. As a result, the “right to health” is now a part of the Paris Accord.

● In advance of the 2015 COP meeting in Paris, GCHA spearheaded health sector support for a strong climate agreement, submitting declarations representing 800 hospitals and health centers, 1,700 health organizations, and 13 million health professionals worldwide.

● This May, GCHA launched a global initiative, Unmask My City, in 11 cities on 5 continents, with health professionals leading the call to reduce air pollution and climate emissions to protect people’s health. Unmask My City has received significant international press coverage, including an opinion piece in Time Magazine by former UNFCCC executive secretary Christiana Figures and coverage in the British Medical Journal.

Environmental organizations have effectively raised awareness of climate change but have not yet, on their own, succeeded in driving forward action at the level urgently needed to keep global warming within safe levels. New voices, such as health leaders, faith groups, and business leaders, are needed. Health professionals can highlight the ways in which climate change is directly relevant to people’s lives, and we are trusted messengers in our communities.

The Global Climate & Health Alliance is uniquely positioned to weave the climate work of its member and partner organizations and others in the health sector into an effective, global force on the issue. GCHA has the potential to catalyze health professional advocacy on climate change globally, engaging some of the more than 40 million doctors, nurses, public health practitioners and other health professionals around the world behind urgent climate action.

GCHA’s accomplishments to date, despite an extremely lean core budget, have been possible because of the tremendous reach of our networks, and our ongoing relationship with the WHO and other global organizations. At the same time, numerous opportunities to engage interested health professionals in countries around the world have been left on the table.

We are in dialogue with philanthropic foundations, a process that should enable us to secure grant funding within approximately 12-18 months. However, a small amount of funding is needed to support both the organizational development that will position us to make good use of that foundation funding, and to carry across current activities that are already making an impact. We are looking for several angel donors to provide gifts of $1,000-$25,000 to bridge that gap, as part of our campaign to raise $100,000.

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Make your check out to Social Good Fund (our fiscal sponsor) and in the memo line, put Global Climate & Health Alliance.

Mail your donation to: Global Climate & Health Alliance, 299 Panoramic Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA

GCHA is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund, a tax-deductible 501c3 nonprofit organization.